Some great information – including a breakdown of the dollars and sense of divorce – in this week’s top reads:

| March 16th

How much is divorce? The dollars and sense How does mediation add value for lawyers? How do you work with someone who is unwilling to work with you? Financial Separation: 9 Tips. Read this if going through divorce. Great blog! Hear me on Internet radio April 18th

Have you heard about MESOs? Find out how this strategy can help break a negotiation impasse in one of my favorite articles this week:

| March 9th

A creative approach to breaking impasse What do conflict resolution and management have in common How to avoid confrontation … and still succeed Danielle Levy joins Grossman Law & Conflict Management

Wishful thinking doesn’t make for better employees. Learn more in my top reads of the week.

| March 2nd

How to manage anxiety during divorce custody evaluations Divorce matters don’t belong in court Conflict and the loss of identity “Wishful thinking” approach to giving constructive criticism When divorce and workplace meet