3.5 Ways to Manage Stress in the Workplace Due to Conflict

Posted By on December 10th

Manage stress in the workplace

Manage stress in the workplace

Studies suggest that workplace stress costs U.S. employers an estimated $200 billion per year. The costs are related to absenteeism, lower productivity, employee turnover, workers’ compensation, medical insurance, and other related expenses.

 Research has shown that some workplace stress is related to conflict. The sources of conflict can be due to:

  • Management Style. Employees don’t participate in decision-making and poor communication.
  • Interpersonal Relationships. Poor social environment and communication, lack of support from coworkers and supervisors, and differing opinions.

 Here are 3.5 ways to manage stress in the workplace due to conflict:

 1. Managing stress is a very personal thing, and you should take responsibility for improving your physical and emotional well-being. Learn techniques to help monitor your thinking to replace negative thoughts with more positive coping statements and to manage your reactions to people and situations. Improve your communication skills and assertiveness so you are comfortable speaking to others about your own needs and wants and so you are effective in giving positive and negative feedback to others.

 2. During times of conflict, you will probably discover which of your friends are supportive, which ones disappear when you need their assistance, and which ones try to convince you that you are making mistakes. It is important to control who is surrounding you. Get rid of the toxic relationships and hold on to those who provide you emotional support.

 3. During times of conflict, it’s very easy to blame yourself for the conflict, lack confidence in yourself, and feel vulnerable and out control. Find ways to provide yourself positive thoughts. Read positive thinking books, talk to a therapist, talk with supportive friends, read positive quotes of great people, and surround yourself with posters and cards bearing positive messages.

 3.5. It’s very easy to convince yourself you don’t have time, energy, or money to do something for yourself when you are working through a conflict. It is important, however, to exercise and plan leisure activities to take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter if they are small and inexpensive action steps. The point is that you have to maintain your health and productivity, and you need activities you look forward to participating in.

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Keith Grossman helps individuals and businesses negotiate and manage conflict more comfortably. Keith is a Collaborative Attorney, a Family and Circuit Civil mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Florida, an Arbitrator qualified by the Florida Supreme Court, and an educator. Keith frequently lectures and facilitates training programs, works with individuals one-on-one, and writes articles on conflict management and negotiation topics. His e-workbooks, “What Is A Peace Chest?” and “How Do You Build A Peace Chest?“ are now available on Kindle.


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