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What is Conflict Management?

Employment conflict management is the use of training and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques to solve workplace problems and avoid formal and expensive litigation. With the increasing costs of litigation and overloaded court systems, many employers are seeking alternative conflict management solutions for their workplace issues. They are establishing dispute resolution procedures for their employees, including skills training, neutral investigations, informal negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. These methods are used to resolve internal conflicts, employment disputes, and employee grievances.

Grossman Conflict Management is a firm dedicated to offering cost-effective and respectful solutions to manage conflicts within organizations and businesses. We work to achieve an effective and efficient workforce through training workshops, mediation, and conflict management services. Our focus is to improve organizational team strategies, collaboration skills, communication skills, and negotiation skills.

How Do We Offer Solutions To Conflict?

We offer the following high quality services:

  • Mediation – Mediation is a problem solving process intended to resolve a dispute in a non-adversarial manner. A neutral third person (the mediator) works to encourage and facilitate a mutually acceptable settlement agreement. It is for parties who wish to resolve their conflict without litigation. We can use mediation to resolve employment disputes and grievances, resolve conflict amongst co-workers and superiors/subordinates within a conflict management program, and to resolve other executive business and management conflict.
  • Investigations of employee complaints – Investigations by a neutral third party of complaints related to Workplace Safety, Discrimination, Harassment, Theft/dishonesty, and Drug/alcohol.
  • Training – Some conflicts can be handled internally when employees are taught Communication skills, Negotiation skills, Presentation & Meeting skills, and Mediation skills. Training and coaching to improve relationship development and interpersonal communication is available on an individual or group basis.
  • Conflict Resolution program & policy design for internal use – Companies need a well-publicized comprehensive internal conflict resolution program and a well-defined complaint procedure.
  • Facilitation for meetings expected to be contentious or complex

Who We Are

Keith's Press Release picture 3-27-2008

Keith Grossman is the founder of Grossman Conflict Management, LLC. He is an attorney, trainer, consultant, and family mediator certified by the Florida Supreme Court. Keith has a wide variety of experiences in the area of conflict management.

In addition to working as a mediator, Keith assisted in the creation and supervision of Court Administration’s Family Law Case Management Program, which is a conflict resolution program. Keith has also presented a number of training workshops and college level classes on the topics of communication skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, mediation skills, and meeting skills.

Keith graduated from the University of Florida with a law degree as well as a Bachelor of Science in Journalism.

Keith is a member of the Florida Bar, Dispute Resolution Center of Florida,  International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, and the Society for Human Resource Management. He is the President of the Lee County Bar Association.

Keith lives in Ft. Myers with his wife and three children.


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