An Example of Failure to Manage Conflict

Posted By on September 11th

by Chor Ip

by Chor Ip

What happens when an organization can’t communicate, work together, or manage conflict? More importantly, what happens when an organization is capable of problem solving?

It was the end of the Roaring 20’s, and the beginning of the Great Depression as the Empire State Building began to emerge from the ground. Amongst the fear and panic that marked the era, there was a fierce competition in New York to build the “world’s tallest building”.

With incredible cooperation, problem-solving, and resolution, 3,400 workers completed construction of the 102-story building within 410 days. The Empire State Building stood as the world’s tallest building for more than 40 years. Its reign ended in 1972 with the completion of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

As the Empire State Building is a symbol of cooperation and communication during challenging times, the situation surrounding the site of the former World Trade Center (Ground Zero) has become a symbol of failure to collaborate.

We all know and remember what occurred on September 11, 2001. The incredible wreckage and human loss shook a nation. It seemed to bring us together. Clean up of Ground Zero began, and people started pledging money to build a memorial at the site. A year ago, organizers reported that they reached the $350 million goal. Yet, eight years after the horrific attack, Ground Zero remains a hole in the ground.

Although the New York Daily News reports there is finally some progress, endless squabbling and conflict has marked the last few years. At this point, Ground Zero has been an example of failure to communicate, cooperate, and work together.

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Keith Grossman helps individuals and businesses negotiate and manage conflict more comfortably. Keith is a Collaborative Attorney, a Family and Circuit Civil mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Florida, an Arbitrator qualified by the Florida Supreme Court, and an educator. Keith frequently lectures and facilitates training programs, works with individuals one-on-one, and writes articles on conflict management and negotiation topics. His e-workbooks, “What Is A Peace Chest?” and “How Do You Build A Peace Chest?“ are now available on Kindle.


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