Avoiding Conflicts At Work

Posted By on July 20th

Many conflicts at work can be completely avoided by establishing a “cooperative culture”.

conflicts at work

Avoiding conflicts at work can be achieved when you can focus on how employees treat each other.  You want them to recognize the need to work together for the overall goals of the business.

Help your employees to:

  • Practice Active Listening skills
  • Focus on the future (not past behavior or decisions)
  • Focus on details and deadlines, not personalities
  • Be patient and friendly
  • Be clear in their communications and use repetition to avoid confusion and misunderstanding
  • Emphasize positive consequences and don’t focus on blame
  • Acknowledge agreement with even minor details
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Keith Grossman helps individuals and businesses negotiate and manage conflict more comfortably. Keith is a Collaborative Attorney, a Family and Circuit Civil mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Florida, an Arbitrator qualified by the Florida Supreme Court, and an educator. Keith frequently lectures and facilitates training programs, works with individuals one-on-one, and writes articles on conflict management and negotiation topics. His e-workbooks, “What Is A Peace Chest?” and “How Do You Build A Peace Chest?“ are now available on Kindle.


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