To Have Conflict Management Success, Think Differently

| November 11th

In order to have conflict management success, you have to be able to think differently than you normally would. Solutions to conflict are typically right in front of us. We just need to be willing to be creative. In an article by Ekaterina Walter (@Ekaterina), the reader is posed with the question: when do adults […]

Conflict Management Success Stories

| August 20th

Scilla Elworthy can share a lot of conflict management success stories. Dr. Elworthy is a distinguished activist for peace and has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. The mission for her global projects has always been to help facilitate peace where conflict dominates. Based on her experience, she has a number of […]

How Do You Resolve A Conflict?

| August 1st

How do you resolve a conflict? There are sharks all around us, so you need to be prepared to manage them by building your Peace Chest. This is our annual salute to Shark Week.   Would you like to learn more about building your Peace Chest?  Email me:, or call me toll free at (877) 687-1392 or […]

Dealing With Conflict Immediately

| February 21st

Dealing with conflict IMMEDIATELY can be difficult when we find ourselves nose to nose with our “opponent” and on the receiving end of some type of shocking, angry behavior. Sometimes we’ve done the best we can to avoid or deescalate conflict, and our efforts have been unsuccessful. What should we do in those situations? Here […]

How To Resolve Conflict According to Lincoln

| November 5th

On November 9, the movie “Lincoln” opens in theaters. “Lincoln” is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Daniel Day-Lewis. The movie is receiving great reviews along with much anticipation. As the man who led us through the division of our country, Lincoln is now recognized as a man of many skills, including conflict management. Let’s […]

The Curse of Knowledge Is A Barrier To Negotiations

| June 10th

The book, Made to Stick, makes the point that the biggest roadblock to getting your message across to others… is “The Curse of Knowledge”. The Curse of Knowledge is when the sender of the communication assumes that the receiver understands the message simply because the sender understands it. The Curse of Knowledge is a barrier […]

How to Create a Sticky Negotiation Message

| May 25th

Made to Stick looks at business communications from a psychological perspective… meaning which communications get people to buy products, spend money, and simplify their buying decisions. It explains how to influence people – a core component of negotiation strategy – by showing there is more to persuasion than logic and facts. Here’s how to create […]

How to Make Your Negotiations Sticky

| May 10th

Made to Stick is a book about what makes a message “sticky”… meaning the message is memorable. The book is primarily aimed towards people whose responsibilities include presentations, marketing, and sales; however, it is not limited to those groups of people. Made to Stick also provides valuable insight for those people involved in negotiations. The […]

Everything I Know About Creativity For Negotiations, I Forgot in Kindergarten

| March 25th

Everything I know about creativity for negotiations… I forgot in kindergarten. Creativity, however, can be critical to finding solutions in the negotiation process. Successful negotiations typically require us to change our thinking process in order to move us away from positions and towards exploring solutions to resolve concerns. Fortunately, Roger von Oech has written A […]

Four Great Lessons For Improving Communication Skills

| March 10th

Shmuley Boteach’s book, 10 Conversations You Need to Have With Your Children, is primarily focused on parents teaching their children skills to find their own way in the world. Boteach’s book also has four great lessons for improving communication skills with everyone you live with or work with. These are Boteach’s four lessons: