What Can We Learn From Israel & Palestine About Negotiation Strategies?

| February 12th

http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Article.aspx?id=168354 What can we learn from this article on Israel & Palestine about negotiation strategies? Plenty. There are three points that the article presents that anyone would find helpful in tough negotiations. First, the Israelis and Palestinians have decided to move backwards to communicate indirectly through a mediator. It’s a positive negotiation strategy to recognize […]

The First Rule of Negotiation

| September 25th

What is the first rule of negotiation? Mitt Romney recently addressed a group at the Values Voter Summit. In his speech, Romney criticized President Barack Obama for reducing the United States’ European missile defense policy. Romney discussed two of the reasons Obama’s administration provided for the change in missile defense policy: 1) Iran’s nuclear arms […]

A Conflict Management Success Story

| August 1st

Conflict that is managed effectively will certainly reduce costs, and it can also be a positive, transformative experience for the business. Conflict highlights problems, and can be utilized to encourage positive changes through cooperativeness and collaboration. Conflict management programs don’t seek to choose winners and losers; rather, these programs seek mutually beneficial agreements based on […]