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| June 9th

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Can Creating Conflict Ever Be Good?

| August 26th

Can creating conflict ever be good? Let’s deconstruct Donald Trump’s run for President as a case study. (This is not a political commentary.) Trump is the kind of guy who says whatever he wants when he wants without concern for others people’s feelings. This is an interesting test of what the general US population will […]

Dealing With Conflict Like It’s a Boiled Egg

| November 15th

DEALING WITH CONFLICT LIKE IT’S A BOILED EGG Too many people think of conflict as a bad word. You should be thinking about it as an opportunity to take advantage of the energy that conflict can create. You should be dealing with conflict like it’s a boiled egg, which I’ll explain more. The reality is […]

Is Conflict Managing Your Business? Seminar

| November 6th

Join me next week at my seminar, “Is Conflict Managing Your Business?” Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Hodges University, Ft. Myers Conflict is a part of all of our lives. It is impossible to live and work with others without having conflict at least from time to time. We are […]

There are 7 characteristics for a great hire. Find out what they are in this week’s best reading material.

| June 8th

An alternative to divorce court: Divorce causes: how to avoid money problems in your marriage: The 7 “non-negotiables” to prevent a bad hire: Rapport comes first: building relationships & negotiation: Overcoming hate-speak with peaceful dialogue:

Sometimes, an apology doesn’t work. Find out why in this week’s top reads.

| May 25th

Can an apology in mediation backfire? Handling Employee Complaints: Should Your Open Door Be Closed? Negotiating employee disputes Employment mediation: Identifying mutual solutions Leadership Is a Conversation

Excellent articles on creative employee-employer solutions and workplace relationships are among my recommended reads for this week.

| May 11th

Seven great questions to foster employee engagement in the workplace Conflict management in the construction industry Mediation reinforces management The third alternative to conflict Free downloadable presentation on ethics in the workplace

The unique language of divorce lawyers, and other great information for you in this week’s favorite reads.

| April 26th

The benefits of collaborative divorce Understanding framing in mediation Conflict and trust The secret language divorce lawyers speak How Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats can help you solve conflict

Even chimpanzees use conflict resolution! Find out how in this week’s top reads:

| April 20th

How to incorporate mediation techniques into talent acquisition Tips for workplace mediation You’re likely to live longer if you get along with your colleagues, study shows Even chimpanzees use conflict resolution Want to protect your business in a divorce? Be Batman

Do you know what to say to an angry customer? Find out in this week’s top reads:

| April 13th

Mediation is good business Hear me on Internet radio April 18th Planting the seeds of peace The 5 smartest things to say to an angry customer In Reconciliation Law you look at both partners’ sides of problems and resolutions