Some great information – including a breakdown of the dollars and sense of divorce – in this week’s top reads:

| March 16th

How much is divorce? The dollars and sense How does mediation add value for lawyers? How do you work with someone who is unwilling to work with you? Financial Separation: 9 Tips. Read this if going through divorce. Great blog! Hear me on Internet radio April 18th

Have you heard about MESOs? Find out how this strategy can help break a negotiation impasse in one of my favorite articles this week:

| March 9th

A creative approach to breaking impasse What do conflict resolution and management have in common How to avoid confrontation … and still succeed Danielle Levy joins Grossman Law & Conflict Management

Wishful thinking doesn’t make for better employees. Learn more in my top reads of the week.

| March 2nd

How to manage anxiety during divorce custody evaluations Divorce matters don’t belong in court Conflict and the loss of identity “Wishful thinking” approach to giving constructive criticism When divorce and workplace meet

Have you heard of helicopter parents? Find out how they’re impacting your workplace, along with other interesting news, in my top reads for the week:

| February 17th

Walk a mile in my shoes: Using robotic technology to understand work behavior STAR students offer mediation to peers How to have tough conversations at work Helicopter parents in the workplace. More proof you’re hiring the whole family.

Fighting (fair) can be good for you! Find out how in my top reads of the week:

| January 20th

Conflict management is the trend. Trials are declining and courts are losing resources. Want Peace in Personal Conflict? Improve Your Attitude! Check out this short article: Why is “fighting” good for healthy relationships? Nice piece about working with emotion during divorce. Http://

My top reads – and video – for the week:

| December 16th

My top pics this week include tips to get through the holidays during divorce, and one unique idea for conflict resolution: Divorce during the holidays makes for a trying time: Student helps solve classmates’ conflict using mediation: What it’s like to be a collaborative lawyer and mediator: And last but not least, one […]

My Recommended Reads for the Week

| December 9th

On Friday, I like to share some of the best articles and blogs I have read throughout the week. Here are my top picks for this week: Why mediated divorce makes sense in today’s uncertain financial times: Five tips for a successful mediation: Seven tips for getting through that dreaded conversation you’ve been […]

Physical Contact Can Communicate More Emotion

| October 4th

Researchers have begun to learn that physical contact can communicate even more emotion than nonverbal contact.  We’ve long known the benefits and detriments of nonverbal signals that communicate our emotions. Now we are learning that physical contact can almost immediately change how people think and behave.  Studies have shown:  Students who receive a supportive touch […]

Business Divorce Helped by Mediation

| January 27th

An excellent article on how a mediator can help a business through its break-up (divorce).

Managing Workplace Conflict is a Benefit

| January 19th

An interesting discussion on how conflict can benefit a workplace.