Conflict Sucks

Posted By on December 3rd

A few days ago, I woke up and saw a headline that screamed at me: “Divorce Sucks”.

The story is about the Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorce. Cosmopolitan magazine interviewed Miranda Lambert, and the headline is her quote. Lambert explained, “Some of that might mean nights on my porch crying, drinking whiskey, and going ‘Man, this sucks right now.’”

We can expand on Lambert’s idea, and generally say that conflict sucks.

Watch my video on this topic

Watch my video on this topic

In Chapter 1 of my book, Does Every Divorce Need a Shark?, I talk about exactly how Lambert is feeling. Psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross created the five stages of grief, which is actually an attempt to understand emotional responses to trauma. Others have contributed to Kubler-Ross’ ideas over the years, and the stages are now identified as:

  1. shock and denial,
  2. anger,
  3. bargaining,
  4. depression, and
  5. understanding and acceptance.

Do you know what I’ve found? Kubler-Ross’ ideas are transferable to other less serious traumas, and apply in understanding responses to all conflict.

Lambert shows that she is in the understanding/acceptance stage, and she also understands the value of a positive attitude. She says, “I have a great launching pad for the future. I will never take that for granted.”

Do you know what else I’ve found?

Having a positive attitude, knowing that the conflict is going to end, is an important approach. Keep reminding yourself to maintain a positive attitude.

You must do two important things for any time you find yourself in conflict.

  1. Rely upon your strong support network, and
  2. Maintain or start healthy and wellness habits.

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