How Do Managers Resolve A Conflict?

Posted By on September 3rd

Work relationships, like family relationships, can sometimes have challenges, which then lead to conflict. How do managers resolve a conflict?

Without resolving the conflict, effects can linger, resentment grows, and work suffers.  Today, managers are seeking alternative conflict resolution solutions to manage their employees’ conflict.

Managers should try following my PEACE format:

  • P – Pause
  • EA – Ear (listen)
  • C – Create Strategy
  • E – Engage the Conflict

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You should never immediately react to the conflict that is unfolding. You have to determine your proper response. As a leader, a manager needs to remain impartial. A manager shouldn’t show any sort of opinion that would appear to favor one side over the other.

Pause does not mean to avoid. The issue must be addressed immediately.  Without this, the situation could escalate and/or linger, and even spread to other employees.

Ear (Listen): In order to effectively manage a conflict, you have to understand what is in conflict from the both employees’ perspectives. A manager should simply listen to all parties involved to completely understand the issue before troubleshooting solutions.

Create Strategy: Before you take action to manage a conflict, you need a strategy based on your understanding of both employees’ wants, needs, and interests. You have to decide how you want to respond so that you defuse the emotions and propose solutions that address everybody’s wants, needs, and interests.

Engage the Conflict: When you begin to engage the conflict, do so in a way that follows through on the strategy you created. Don’t lose focus because of the emotions. Your goal is to respond in a way that reduces the tension and anger, reframes the discussion, and puts the situation into its proper perspective.

You should be able to follow these techniques successfully within your company’s regulations and policies.

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