How Do You Manage Conflict During the Holidays?

Posted By on November 25th

It’s Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Your family is rolling in town or you may be headed out of town.

How do you manage conflict during the holidays? What tips, techniques, and strategies do you rely upon when Aunt Sally is telling you they you’re doing it wrong? Learn my one piece of advice, and it’s easy to do!

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I have one holiday message for you so you can get through the weekend without conflict: Pause.

That’s right; Pause. Take a moment when you’re in the midst of holiday insanity to remove yourself from the opinions, sniping, and disagreements. Take a walk. Close your eyes for 5 minutes. Check out

Do you know what I’ve learned? Let other people have their way. Let them think they won. It will preserve your sanity and keep you focused on the thankful part of Thanksgiving. Acknowledge that it is ok to have feelings about the situation. It is within your power to decide not to have negative thoughts, and to decide not to let negative feelings dictate how you respond.

You’re not changing yourself for the other person – you’re changing for you.

If you’d rather be right instead of finding ways to resolve the conflict, you’re in for a bumpy, exhausting, stressful ride.

I even made a fool of myself on Periscope to share this subject! Check out my video, and leave some comments. Let me know what takeaways you have, and what tips you rely upon.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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