How To Resolve A Conflict By Paying Attention To Opposing Viewpoints

Posted By on May 5th

How to resolve a conflict requires paying attention to opposing viewpoints. You need to be open to another person’s point of view.

How To Resolve a Conflict

The research shows that most people like to read and listen to messages that confirm their already held beliefs. Most people do not read or listen to messages that offer an opposing viewpoint. Even when people do read or listen to an opposing message that challenges their beliefs, they prefer to go back to their original belief. The opposing viewpoint has not changed their mind. There are a minority of people who do read or listen to only opposing viewpoints. Some people do read or listen to a balance of messages that agree and oppose their own viewpoints.

What does this mean for times when you are in conflict?

First, you need to do some self-analysis.

  • Are you capable of strongly considering opposing viewpoints?
  • Do you have a tendency to revert back to your original viewpoint even after hearing a different message?

To learn how to resolve a conflict, you need to be prepared to consider and act upon another person’s viewpoint.

Second, consider how to handle the person you are in conflict with knowing that most people are not open to considering messages that oppose their viewpoint. They are not inclined to consider your message, so you need to determine ways to change that circumstance. One thing you should do is to practice respectful and active listening skills so the person knows you are considering their viewpoint. Another thing you should do is quickly acknowledge areas that you have agreement so the person knows you appreciate part of their viewpoint. By these actions, you are creating a safe environment for them to feel listened to and respected, and they will open their mind to considering your viewpoint.

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