Conflict Management – My Mother as an Example

Posted By on March 21st

A healthy relationship is based on honesty and respect.

Conflict Management

When both parties to a relationship display true respect for each other and share of themselves honestly, there will be strong trust within the relationship.

You can display honesty in your messages by being clear, specific, and direct.

Here’s an example of conflict management using my mother. My mother is the type of person who likes to get her way. She believes that she has analyzed the situation and has figured out the best solution to a challenge. Therefore, she approaches the discussion with the perspective that everyone needs to conform to her solution because she perceives it as the best solution.

I have learned over the years that if I don’t clearly and directly tell her that I disagree, she continues to see it as an open door, as an invitation for further discussion. If the answer in my head is clear, then I have to make sure that I’m stating it to her that way.  Invitations to her to keep discussing the topic are:

  • “Maybe”
  • “Let’s talk about it later”
  • “I’ll think about it”

If I don’t state my response clearly, she will continue to bring it up, causing me frustration. When I ultimately don’t give her the answer she wants to hear, she is upset because the passing time has made her more entrenched in her feeling that she is correct.

A clear, specific, and direct response at the beginning of the discussion may cause some conflict. However, it is certainly more manageable in the beginning than it is if I wait to give her the response she doesn’t want to hear.

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Keith Grossman helps individuals and businesses negotiate and manage conflict more comfortably. Keith is a Collaborative Attorney, a Family and Circuit Civil mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Florida, an Arbitrator qualified by the Florida Supreme Court, and an educator. Keith frequently lectures and facilitates training programs, works with individuals one-on-one, and writes articles on conflict management and negotiation topics. His e-workbooks, “What Is A Peace Chest?” and “How Do You Build A Peace Chest?“ are now available on Kindle.


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