Pause – A Conflict Management Strategy

Posted By on December 22nd

With Christmas and New Year coming up, I want to make sure you know how valuable the Pause can be. The Pause is a conflict management strategy.

I have learned the Pause will allow you to act strategically instead of react emotionally. Take a moment when you’re in the midst of holiday insanity to remove yourself from the opinions, sniping, and disagreements. Take a walk. Close your eyes for 5 minutes.


My friend, Judy, even found calm and joy in the holiday shopping experience. She reframed her thinking so that she wasn’t focused on the rushing around, long lines, and pushy people. Rather, she focused on the people who were enjoying themselves. She told me, “The music, the pleasantness, even the cashiers, were contagious.”

She continued that it’s hard to fixate on the negative things when “you have pleasantness around you.”

My friend, Andrea, relies on deep breathing techniques. “I will close my eyes, take a big deep breath, and hold it for 8 counts, and then release slowly. I breathe in the positive and exhale the negative.”

You know what else I have learned?

You should engage in activities that promote positive thoughts. That could be anything from a favorite physical activity to a hobby to meditation to prayer.

Andrea also has two techniques she utilizes regularly to maintain a positive frame of mind:
• “Running clears my mind and lets me refocus.”
• “I talk with my husband and my son every night. We each say at least two positive things that happened to us during the day. Of course, we talk about the negatives too, but we always finish with, ‘what did we learn from this and what positive came from it or how can we make it positive?’”

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, a former writer, psychologist, and professor at Yale University, studied depression in women. She said, “The main thing is to get your mind off your ruminations for a time so they die out and don’t have a grip on your mind.”

In the book Energy of Happiness, Brigitte Bartley says, “Feed your mind with positive thoughts to effectively start a new day of positive thinking. If you start and end each day with gratitude, you will find new meaning to life.”

Have a wonderful holiday, enjoy your family and friends, and don’t forget to Pause.

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