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Posted By on May 20th

Plato said, “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

Resolve Conflict

Many times we are looking for solutions in a small area. We are standing in darkness and afraid to look in the light. This is a huge mistake. We need to change the lightbulb to resolve conflict.

My son recently walked into my room and told me that the hallway light outside his bedroom was out. He asked me what he should do. Mind you, my son is a teenager; he should already know the answer to his question. Regardless, I told him to get a new lightbulb and change it.

A week later, my daughter, who is older than my son, came into my room and told me the hallway light was out. She asked me how I was going to fix it. I told my daughter that I had already instructed my son a week earlier to change the lightbulb.

She told me she did not know if her brother had changed the lightbulb. That did not matter to her because it was obvious to her that the light actually needed to be repaired, and it was not just the lightbulb. I insisted to her that she needed to start with changing the lightbulb.

Two days later, I noticed the hallway light was still out. Exasperated, I changed the lightbulb myself. Of course, that was the correct solution, and light replaced the darkness.

Sometimes people would rather sit in the darkness and insist they are right, rather than taking steps to illuminate the space around them. They would rather continue to do what they’ve always done rather than look for solutions they can’t easily see.

Changing your thoughts and behavior to get a different, and better, result is like changing the lightbulb. If you don’t do anything, you will continue to sit in darkness.

Interested in learning more about how to resolve conflict? Email me:, or call me toll free at (877) 687-1392 or locally at (239) 210-7516. Your initial consultation is free!

Email me:, or call me toll free at (877) 687-1392 or locally at (239) 210-7516. Your initial consultation is free!

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Email me:, or call me toll free at (877) 687-1392 or locally at (239) 210-7516. Your initial consultation is free!

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