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Are you looking to resolve a workplace conflict?

MediationMediation is a problem solving process intended to resolve a dispute in a non-adversarial manner. A neutral third person (the mediator) works to encourage and facilitate a mutually acceptable settlement agreement. Appropriate conflicts for our mediation services are disputes between coworkers, management disputes, work team conflicts, and interpersonal communication issues.


Are you looking to improve your communication and negotiation skills?

Training – Some conflicts can be handled internally when employees are taught how to manage and prevent conflict in addition to Communication skills, Negotiation skills, Presentation & Meeting skills, and Mediation skills.


Are you looking to refer a misconduct investigation to an outside investigator?

Investigations of employee complaints – Investigations by a neutral third party of complaints related to Workplace Safety, Discrimination, Harassment, Theft/dishonesty, and Drug/alcohol.


Are you looking to design a conflict management system for your workplace?

Conflict Management program & policy design for internal use – Companies need a well-publicized comprehensive internal conflict resolution program and a well-defined complaint procedure. These programs and policies are designed to manage conflict and hold employees accountable.


Are you looking to conduct an effective and efficient meeting?

Facilitation for meetings expected to be contentious or complex – When you require a trained, neutral third party to oversee a difficult meeting within your company.



Depending upon the services, Grossman Conflict Management, LLC Mediations can bill a flat rate or at the rate of $150.00 per hour. The appropriate rate will be determined at your FREE consultation.


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