6 Things You Should Do To Help People Trust You

| June 15th

When conflict arises, people begin a negotiation process to resolve the conflict. The process may be spoken or unspoken depending upon level of conflict. The process itself shall be partially dependent upon the level of trust between the people. Therefore, if you build your trust level with those around you on a daily basis, it […]

Do You Have a Peace Chest to Handle Conflict?

| May 13th

You have heard about saving your money to prepare for war. How about saving your money, and improving your skills and resources to prepare for peace? Do you have a peace chest to handle conflict? Developing a peace chest is a decision to focus on teamwork, problem solving, and interest based negotiation rather than threats […]

Apology Resolves Conflict for Business

| April 15th

Jason Fried is a columnist for Inc. Magazine, an author, and the co-founder of 37signals, a software firm. Fried almost had a big conflict on his hands, and an apology saved his company from even bigger headaches. The apology resolved his conflict, and you can read about it here: http://www.inc.com/magazine/20110201/how-to-turn-disaster-into-gold.html Fried describes that his company […]

Sorry Palin: The Power of Apology When In Conflict

| March 22nd

  Sarah Palin was visiting Israel, and while at the Temple Mount, her hosts explained that Jews are not allowed to openly pray on the Temple Mount, which is a holy site for both Jews and Muslims. Palin responded by asking, “Why are you apologizing all the time?”               From my […]

Two and a Half Lessons to Avoid Conflict

| February 26th

This past week, we all witnessed a seriously nasty conflict unravel right before our eyes. The star of CBS’s highest rated comedy, Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen, blew up at his bosses, and in the process, the show appears to be on life support. Isn’t it the truth that we all saw this […]

Some People Want Conflict

| December 8th

Some people want conflict. They have just never really learned any other way.  I came out of the movie theater with my family, and the other car was parked too close to mine on the driver’s side. I gently opened my door part-way to not hit the other car, and I squeezed into my car. […]

You Can’t Ignore the “Feelings” Person in the Negotiation Room

| November 3rd

You can’t ignore the “Feelings” person in the negotiation room. Bill Eddy, the President of High Conflict Institute and author of numerous books, describes potential parties to a negotiation as a “math” person and as a “feelings” person. He warns that the differences in “math” people and “feelings” people can unnecessarily block a settlement. Eddy says […]

People Don’t Think Before They Communicate

| June 25th

People don’t think before they communicate.   If you consider that to be a truth in all of your communications, you will avoid potential conflict. Many times somebody says something that offends you at some level, and your first reaction is to…well…react. React with anger, confusion, and maybe ridicule. If you stop to consider, however, […]

The Curse of Knowledge Is A Barrier To Negotiations

| June 10th

The book, Made to Stick, makes the point that the biggest roadblock to getting your message across to others… is “The Curse of Knowledge”. The Curse of Knowledge is when the sender of the communication assumes that the receiver understands the message simply because the sender understands it. The Curse of Knowledge is a barrier […]

How to Create a Sticky Negotiation Message

| May 25th

Made to Stick looks at business communications from a psychological perspective… meaning which communications get people to buy products, spend money, and simplify their buying decisions. It explains how to influence people – a core component of negotiation strategy – by showing there is more to persuasion than logic and facts. Here’s how to create […]