Conflict Management Stories: A Story of 2 Sisters and an Orange

| October 21st

At a recent training presentation I facilitated, I told one of my conflict management stories: a story of 2 sisters and an orange. This story typically makes a strong impression, and this recent training presentation was no exception. After the presentation, a lady came up to me and said that this story really helped her […]

The Definition of Conflict Can Include Independent Thinking

| September 5th

Anybody who is a parent knows the definition of conflict can include independent thinking. I find it odd that parents want their children to be independent thinkers, and then become upset when their children think differently from them. When you are in a conflict, is it because you are expecting the other person to behave […]

Example of Conflict With A High Conflict Person

| August 5th

I had only been practicing law a few years when I found myself sitting in my boss’s office. At the time, I worked at the Office of the Public Defender. I represented a client who had a distant relative, and this relative called me almost daily about my client’s case. He was a high conflict person. […]

Avoiding Conflicts At Work

| July 20th

Many conflicts at work can be completely avoided by establishing a “cooperative culture”. Avoiding conflicts at work can be achieved when you can focus on how employees treat each other.  You want them to recognize the need to work together for the overall goals of the business. Help your employees to: Practice Active Listening skills […]

Your Job Forces You To Deal With Conflict – Part 2

| June 20th

Two week ago I wrote about if you are in a job that forces you to deal with conflict. You can’t run away from the conflict, so you have to learn how to respond to the other person’s difficult behavior. In addition to considering your goals for managing the conflict, you have to consider how […]

Your Job Forces You to Deal With Conflict at Work – Part 1

| June 5th

What if you are in a job that forces you to deal with conflict at work? When you are working with people who are already in conflict, who are dealing with lots of stress, and who don’t know how to manage their own conflict, you are undoubtedly going to be dragged into the conflict. Most […]

Remember What Is Conflict on Memorial Day

| May 20th

You don’t have to believe in war to honor warriors. What is conflict? Conflict can be defined as a state of open, prolonged fighting. Conflict is inevitable. Conflict is all around us. Although my goal is to help people manage conflict, it is not always possible. In some situations, there are winners and there are […]

Deal With Conflict by Making a Paradigm Shift

| March 5th

Peacemaking is not easy. It requires a shift in thinking from our learned way of thinking about how to deal with conflict. This shift in thinking is called a paradigm shift, and it has to be remembered throughout the conflict. Every day, people successfully deal with conflict by making a paradigm shift. I once had […]