How Facilitation Helps Businesses Work Through Conflict

| April 25th

Facilitation is a special form of meeting leadership intended to help make a period of transition easier for the organization. A facilitator can be used for special meetings within your organization that are expected to be contentious and emotionally charged. Facilitation helps businesses work through conflict. The facilitator is a person who has strong communication […]

Why Is a Facilitator a Good Choice to Manage Conflict?

| April 10th

The facilitator is a neutral third party who helps manage conflict by providing process leadership and process development. Many businesses use facilitation as a proactive way to prevent conflict. Why is a facilitator a good choice to help a business manage conflict? Because a facilitator is familiar with conflict and conflict management, is a neutral […]

Radio Interview about Conflict Management with Deborah Shane

| March 15th

I had a wonderful time talking about conflict management in the workplace with Deborah Shane. You can listen to the archive right here.

4 Steps For Any Business to Implement a Conflict Management Program

| February 25th

Unfortunately, workplace conflict is not limited to just the Fortune 500. Conflict can appear and affect even the mom & pop businesses. Conflict can result in low morale, reduced production, increased sick pay for employees taking leave because of conflict-related stress, and employee turnover. This all adds up to horrendous costs. The costs increase even […]

Conflict Resolution versus Conflict Management

| January 10th

Do you really want conflict resolution in your workplace? By definition, the word resolution means that something is resolved, that there’s an end. That end, however, is not necessarily a positive outcome. In many resolutions, there’s a winner and a loser. Of course, the winner is happy, and the loser is certainly not. It’s conflict […]

Conflict Management Programs

| November 25th

A thoughtful and comprehensive conflict management program, which is fair and easily understood, is the first step in an organization’s ability to effectively manage conflict. Conflict management programs establish procedures to follow for the purpose of managing and preventing conflict. These programs hold employees accountable for preventing and resolving conflict. These programs also provide for […]

Conflict Management Can Stop Violence in the Workplace

| November 10th

Orlando shooting prompts NBC-2 to contact me about conflict management and violence in the workplace

Is Conflict Managing Your Business?

| November 10th

Almost any interoffice relationship can lead to a conflict. Just like any other location, a workplace is filled with people of diversity – diverse in their beliefs, their backgrounds, and their values. They are also diverse in their people skills and abilities to communicate. These workers are interacting with each other daily, and a difference […]

A Conflict Management Success Story

| August 1st

Conflict that is managed effectively will certainly reduce costs, and it can also be a positive, transformative experience for the business. Conflict highlights problems, and can be utilized to encourage positive changes through cooperativeness and collaboration. Conflict management programs don’t seek to choose winners and losers; rather, these programs seek mutually beneficial agreements based on […]