To Have Conflict Management Success, Think Differently

Posted By on November 11th

In order to have conflict management success, you have to be able to think differently than you normally would. Solutions to conflict are typically right in front of us. We just need to be willing to be creative.

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In an article by Ekaterina Walter (@Ekaterina), the reader is posed with the question: when do adults lose imagination and creativity? My answer to that question is what I call the “curse of knowledge”. We make decisions quickly and efficiently based on information we think we know and assumptions we hold.

It’s easy not to do the difficult thinking and to look at circumstances with a different perspective, a new set of eyes.

Walter goes on to discuss the value of being creative and the recognized need for creativity in the corporate world. She also shares four excellent tips from Erik Wahl, the author of Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius in order “to inject a healthy disorder (in our lives) to remain progressive”.

  1. Step Outside Your Bubble
  2. Live With Some Discomfort
  3. Ask Forgiveness Instead of Permission
  4. Start Small

From my perspective, “Start Small” and “Live With Some Discomfort” are the two big takeaways for somebody who does not perceive themselves as being creative. I highlight them because creativity comes incrementally. You have to start somewhere, and you can’t have grandiose expectations because you will immediately be disenchanted. Expect (even slightly enjoy) the discomfort and take a small step that’s different than what you would normally do.

You can read the full article here.

How do you feel about making a small change outside of your comfort zone? You can answer in the comments below, and we can also continue the discussion on Twitter @ksgrossman.

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