Understanding Is How To Resolve A Conflict

Posted By on August 20th

If you want to know how to resolve a conflict, you have to start by understanding the other person’s point of view.

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First consider if you are working with the same set of facts. People come into a situation or relationship with incomplete or incorrect information. They rely upon their incomplete or incorrect information to develop their perspective and take positions.

I was once on the interstate, and we were all slowly crawling due to an accident up ahead. As I arrived at the scene of the accident, I saw an overturned SUV on the shoulder of the road. At the same time I arrived, the local radio station I was listening to announced that the interstate was all clear and accident free. It obviously wasn’t. The radio DJ had incorrect information, and he confidently stated it to thousands of listeners, many of which had no reason to question him.

To resolve a conflict, ask questions. There’s a reason somebody has taken the position they are stating, and sometimes it’s because they are working from an incorrect set of facts.

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